Wind Jammers
The Subject Was Roses
Children of God
The Tempest
Sunset Boulevard
Sweeney Todd
Mamma Mia!
Baby Doll
Life During Wartime
Not About Nightingales
Sunset Boulevard

Richard Whitehead

Wind Jammers
A Film by Richard von Maur & Kareem Mortimer

Stray Dogs Productions & Rosetta Films 2009

"So she wins the race and is a hero for a day
It won't change anything..."

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Justice Justice von Maur
George Wilson Brad Thomason
Christopher Nicholas DiMichele
Sea Dog Ashton Crosby
Nikki Whitehead Taylor Boswell
The Commodore David Martin
Otis Tony Roberts
Lakeesha Moya Thompson
Gloria Tranea Johnson
Duchess Claudette Allens
Mojo Mark Johnson

Written by Richard von Maur, Elliot Lowenstien & Michael Ray Brown
Directed by Richard von Maur & Kareem Mortimer
Produced by Nick Huston, Paul Jarrett, Kareem Mortimer, Richard von Maur
Director of Photography Lila Javan
Edited by Maria Cataldo
Taylor Boswell and Justice von Maur Taylor Boswell and Justice von Maur
As John Cleary in 'The Subject Was Roses' John Cleary  in

 The Subject Was Roses
by Frank D. Gilroy

The English Theatre of Hamburg 2010

"...A guy gets some roses - big deal"

Timmy Cleary Nick Rhys
Nettie Cleary Janet Greaves
Directed by Jenny Lee
Set Design by Mathias Wardeck
Costume Design & Props by Patricia Royo
With Janet Greaves and Nick Rhys With Janet Greaves and Nick Rhys

Mike Roberts

Children of God
A Film by Kareem Mortimer

Mercury Rising Films 2009

"No one should ever make you feel ashamed
of who you are... you are loved..."

Johnny Johnny Ferro
Romeo Stephen Tyrone Williams
Lena Margaret Laurena Kemp
Rev.Richie Van Brown
Ralph Mackey Mark Ford

Written & Directed by Kareem Mortimer
Produced by Trevite Willis, Richard Lemay & Jay Gotleib
Director of Photography Ian Bloom
Edited by Maria Cataldo
As Mike Roberts in 'Children of God' as Mike Roberts
Poster art by Jace Mckinney
Prospero  in

The Tempest
By William Shakespeare
Adapted for the Bahamian Stage by
Nicollete Bethel, Travis Cartwright-Carrol and Reva Devi

Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts, Nassau, Bahamas

"Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I fortold you, were all spirits and
Are melted into air, into thin air..."

Miranda Nicole Fair Bhatti
Ariel Dana J. Ferguson
Caliban Kennedy Storr
Michaela Alonso Naples-Sands Jane Poveromo
Sebastian Sands Mik Bancroft
Daniela Gonzalo Jovanna Hepburn
Ferdinand Naples Gene Page
Antonio Milan David Jonathan Burrows
Trinculo Strachan Dion Johnson
Stephano Lockhart Anthony "Skeebo" Roberts
Adrian Rolle Roger Gibson
Captain Sean Nottage
Ezili Dantor Stephanie Braynen
Yemaya/La Sirene Mary Knowles
Ayida Wedo Chrystal Bethell
Annee Wildgoose
Travis Cartwright-Carrol
Owl/Crew Dylan Knowles

Directed by Patti-Anne Ali and Craig Pinder
Set Design & Constuction by
Dylan Rapillard, DeDe Brown, John Cox & T. Ali Burrows
Costume Design by
Omar Williams, Angelique McKay, Patti-Anne Ali
As Prospero in 'The Tempest' as Prospero
As Cecil B. DeMille in 'Sunset Boulevard'

Cecil B. DeMille  in

Sunset Boulevard
Book & Lyrics by Don Black & Christopher Hampton
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Based on the film by Billy Wilder

Comedy Theatre, London

"I am big! It's the pictures that got small..."

Norma Desmond Kathryn Evans
Joe Gillis Ben Goddard
Max Dave Willetts
Betty Schaefer Laura Pitt-Pulford
Artie Green Tomm Coles
Manfred Sam Kenyon
Sheldrake Alexander Evans
Heather Elisa Boyd
Mary Kate Fieldschreiber
Hog-Eye/Show MD Tarek Merchant
Joanna Helen Power
Finance Man Nick Lashbrook

Directed by Craig Revel Horwood
Design by Diego Pitarch
Musical Supervision & Arrangements by Sarah Travis


Hyram/Elder/Paypal  in


Spitting Distance
Music & Lyrics by Grant Olding
Book & Lyrics by Toby Davies

The Jonah Boy
Music by Richard Taylor
Book by Jane Buckler

A Beginner's Guide To
Music/Lyrics by Loz Kaye
Book/Lyrics by Laurie Sansom

Stephen Joseph Theatre,
Scarborough 2005

"So stand upon my shoulders
and pledge yourself to spit..."

Sheen/WPC/Pinkie Anna Francolini
Clint/Boy/He-Mail Jon-Paul Hevey
Glick/Islander/Liza Westerman Lesley Nicol
K'Nipp/Uncle/Dean Alistair Parker
Caroline Sheen
Directed by Laurie Sansom
Design by Pip Lechenby
Musical Direction by Andrew Panton
& Jonathan Gill
Music & Lyrics by Grant Olding
Book & Lyrics by Toby Davies
With  Jon-Paul Hevey With Jon-Paul Hevey
As The Principal in 'Footloose' Rev.Shaw Moore  in

by Dean Pitchford & Tom Snow

Theatre Royal Plymouth
& National Tour

"There's no dancing allowed here!..."

Ren McCormack Chris Jarvis
Ariel Moore Rachael Wooding
Vi Moore Marilyn Cutts
Ethel McCormack Verity Bentham
Chuck Cranston Richard Taylor Woods
Willard Hewitt Taylor James
Rusty Cassidy Janson
Directed by Paul Kerryson
Design by Kontour
Choreography by Karen Bruce
Music by Tom Snow& Kenny Loggins
Lyrics by Dean Pitchford
Sweeney  in

Sweeney Todd
Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Hugh Wheeler from an
adaptation by Christopher Bond

New Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent

"There's no place like London!..."

Mrs. Lovett Julie Jupp
Beadle Bamford Claude Close
Joanna Lisa McNaught
Judge Turpin Halcro Johnson
Tobias Ragg Garrie Harvey
Anthony Hope Norman Bowman
Beggar Woman Fiona Dunn
Pirelli Michael O'Connor

Directed by Chris Monks
Design by Sue Condie
Musical Supervision by Bruce O'Neil
Musical Direction by Richard Atkinson
Choreography by Beverley Edmunds
As Harry in 'Mamma Mia!' Harry  in

Mamma Mia!
Music & Lyrics by:
Benny Anderson & Bjorn Ulvaeus
Book by Catherine Johnson

Prince Edward Theatre, London 2000-01

"Thankyou for the music,
the songs I'm singing!..."

Donna Sheridan Louise Plowright
Sam Carmichael Michael Simkins
Sophie Sheridan Julie Atherton
Sky Gareth Bryn
Rosie Lesley Nicol
Tanya Louise Gold
Bill Austin Nicolas Colicos

Directed by Phyllida LLoyd
Design by Mark Thompson
Choreography by Anthony Van Laast
Music by Benny Anderson, Bjorn Ulveus
The Marshall  in

Baby Doll
by Tennessee Williams

Birmingham Repertory Theatre

"You promised my daddy
that you would leave me alone
till I was ready for marriage..."

Baby Doll Charlotte Emerson
Archie Lee Tom Manion
Aunt Rose Georgine Andersona
Silva Vacarro Jonathan Cake
Rock John Marquez
Doctor John Morris Perry
Mac Ken Shorter
Billy George Calil
Gabriel Louis Decosta Johnson

Directed by Lucy Bailey
Design by Bunny Christie
Music by Django Bates
Southerners in the '50s
As John Calvin in 'Life During Wartime' John Calvin  in

 Life During Wartime
by Keith Reddin

Lyric Studio, Hammersmith 1992

"...We are covered with infinite filth"

Heinrich John Sharian
Sally Helene Wilson
Tommy Nathan Nolan
Gale Helene Kvale
Howard Peter Youngblood-Hills
Directed by Toby Reisz
Design by Alice Power
Produced by Barney Reisz
John Sharian as Heinrich John Sharian as Heinrich
As MacBurney in 'Not About Nightingales' McBurney  in

Not About

by Tennessee Williams

Royal National Theatre 1998
Alley Theater, Houston 1998

"...A Little Suburb of Hell..."

Boss Whalen Corin Redgrave
Canary Jim Finbar Lynch
Eva Crane Sherri Parker Lee
Mrs.Bristol Sandra Dickinson
Butch O'Fallen James Black
Schultz Richard Ziman
Sailor Jack Richard Leaf
Directed by Trevor Nunn
Design by Richard Hoover
Costumes by Karyl Newman
Music by Steven Edis
'...A little suburb of Hell'
As Karl in 'Popcorn' Karl Brezner  in

by Ben Elton

UK National Tour 1998

"I think the Republicans want to
turn it into a mid-term election issue.
We need to make a plan..."

Bruce Delamitri John Bowler
Brooke Daniels Emma Noble
Wayne Hudson Paul Brennen
Scout Clara Salaman
Farrah Delamitri Lisa Sadovy
Velvet Delamitri Sacha Pick
Bill Richard Sandells

Directed by Laurence Boswell
Design by Jane Clough
Choreography by Jenny Arnold
Music by Colin Towns
Produced by Phil McIntyre
With Lisa Sadovy, John Bowler, Emma Noble, Paul Brennen, and Clara Salaman With Lisa Sadovy, John Bowler, Emma Noble,
Paul Brennen, and Clara Salaman
Programme Cover Sheldrake  in

Sunset Boulevard
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics by Don Black
Book by Christorpher Hampton
Based on the Billy Wilder film

Adelphi Theatre 1996

"If you said Hollywood,
hers was the face you'd think of..."

Norma Desmond Petula Clark
Joe Gillis Graham Bickley
Max von Mayerling Michael Bauer
Betty Schaefer Fionna Sinnot
Manfred David J.Higgins
Artie Green Corrie Skaggs
Cecil B. DeMille Raymond Marlowe

Directed by Trevor Nunn
Design by John Napier
Choreography by Bob Avian
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Musical Direction by Martin Yates
With Fiona Sinnott With Fiona Sinnott